Ray Is Back On The Road Again

Ray Galloway had his first heart attack 3 1/2 years ago and spent time at a hospital in Salt Lake City. When he was discharged he was told to exercise, but he was not told how to exercise, when to start, what type of exercise or how to measure it.  In November of 2016, he had another cardiac event and spent time at the University of Utah. On discharge he entered the Cardiac Rehab program at Ashley Regional Medical Center where he met nurse, Valerie Simons, RN, Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation.
“Valerie did a great job of explaining what I needed to do to change my lifestyle,” said Ray. “She started me on an exercise regime and pushed me to get better and better. She also taught me how to use the different exercise equipment and how to measure my progress. After 2 months, I have lost 11 pounds, I feel more fit, and I am looking forward to more improvement and weight loss. Valerie is good at changing things up so you keep improving and never get complacent with the program.”
During the cardiac rehabilitation program, Ray learned about eating properly, portion control, and most importantly how to find healthy options when he is on the road for his job.  He learned how to incorporate an exercise program into his lifestyle. 
Ray wants people to know that this cardiac rehab program is the difference between the experience with his first cardiac event and now.  He says with Valerie’s help he hopes to prevent another event and take control of his life.
Cardiac Rehabilitation is a comprehensive program designed to help patients recover from cardiac events. Ashley Regional’s program allows patients to rehab close to home. Ask your physician for a referral to the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Ashley Regional.

Valerie Simons works with Ray Galloway during a Cardiac Rehab Session