Orthopedics and General Surgery

The out-patient surgical area at Ashley Regional Medical Center contains a Short Stay Surgery area, an endoscopy suite, and a large surgical suite. The latest surgical equipment and monitoring devices are included in this beautiful new area. Ashley Regional Medical Center provides a variety of surgical services, including orthopedic surgery for hands, knees, shoulders, hips and traumatic injury, and podiatric services for feet and ankles.


          Adam Madsen, Orthopedic Surgeon          Jeremy Strange, Podiatry

Ashley Regional also provides general surgery including endoscopy, colonoscopy, advanced laparoscopic procedures including anti-reflux procedures, regular and laparoscopic hernia repair, thyroid surgery, and surgery for breast and GI malignancies.


                                                   Alexis Driggs, General Surgery                             Trevor Mathis, General Surgery

Contact Northeastern General Surgery for appointments with Dr. Alexis Driggs and Dr. Trevor Mathis. 435-781-2161.

Dr. Driggs is now performing Skin and Nipple sparing mastectomy for eligible patients. This is a tissue sparing procedure  that offers optimal scar location and most natural appearance following reconstruction. If you would like more information call 435-781-2161.